CLUB CLASSES – PAY AS YOU GO OR CHOOSE MONTHLY FOR SAVINGS! (no minimum term – sign up using the links below)

Ultimate BJJ offer various promotions for students paying by direct debit such as discounted private fees & huge discounts on MAXINutrition products by joining the MAXI Team for Ultimate BJJ… just a few examples!

PAY AS YOU GO    £10/class 

£65 monthly direct debit  (no minimum term) for four classes per week of your choice.

£30 monthly direct debit (no minimum term) for one class per week of your choice. Sign up here Once a week plan

BENEFITS OF PAYING MONTHLY – Huge savings on classes, attend 4 classes a week & MaxiNutrition Team membership available – upto 40% discount on products (see links above for details).

Note as with any contact sport, liability insurance is essential between members. The first few sessions are covered by the club but then it is compulsory to obtain individual insurance which is £15/yr 0r for new members included in the club joining fee (£20). Join the club on smoothcomp to record belts/competitions and see club details etc.


PRIVATE CLASSES (NB specified venue only unless prior negotiaion)

Private classes Club Members £40/hr – discount for block bookings – 5 class block £180. You can even train in the private gym yourself while your child is taught..great for anti bullying classes!
Buy here Block of 5 privates / Block of 1 private

Venue in Hiltingbury – Exclusive hire of private gym equipped for all types of personal training, MMA, BJJ, Thai boxing, bag work, weights & cardio equipment. See link for details of venue – RLM fitness gym

At your home ETC – I can travel to your venue, set up a portable mat and conduct training in the comfort of your own location – price negotiable depending on individual requirements, please contact me to discuss.

Contact me for details of joint private classes, private rolling, personal training, self defence courses, boot camps, mma, thai boxing, and sports nutritional advice.