Pandemic Training Ideas

Hi guys – Ive come up with an idea to help keep motivation and training up, certainly helping me. *** Links added in below now ***

Since the minutes silence to remember fallen NHS/Frontline staff I decided to do kettle bell swings with my heavy kettle bell, one for each person every day. I chose these to help recuperate my back and help to strengthen it after injury. The total was over a hundred to start and by the time lockdown started to ease it was almost 200! I am found it very inspirational, needing to push to do the sets, I had to dig deep. Also as a result I was doing a quick warm up and warm down (essential but an extra bit of exercise) plus often felt in the mood to do a few other exercises once I had got the engine going! Why not pick something, try it! Pick something achievable and safe, you can always add to it or modify your chosen offering..

Some other ideas – how about take the opportunity to practice moves on your family, they can learn too – safe and gentle mind!

Use the warm up drills on my sheet and get family members to pick numbers and watch you suffer their choices, giggles all round!

I found a really good way to use a deck of playing cards to randomly pick drills/exercises – either you or a family member could be in charge… more giggles – details to follow

Have a browse of the IBJJF rules and brush up on knowledge so you are set to go as soon as lockdown ends – link here..and some clear videos on the IBJJF channel.

The UKBJJA is offering some online material, may tickle your fancy – link here – Ultimate BJJ is registered so let me know if you wish to access it. Here is the link to join once you have the code UKBJJ Support Network.

Break down your game, watch some youtube videos of top guys rolling – see if you can make a list of things to explore, now or when training resumes.

Anyone who is trying to remember a move/technique, especially the warm up drills that we do, feel free to contact me and i will try to explain/assist 🙂

Also if anyone else has any ideas, drop me a text etc…

Keep safe oss….