Corona Virus

This page is the place to check for info & updates:

1ST December

LOCKDOWN 2 – The news you have been waiting patiently for – I needed to wait to see the vote in parliament this eve before updating here.

TUES FRI & SUN CLASSES ARE RUNNING NOW FROM 4th Dec – all classes are at the Arch until further notice. 1915 Tues,1915 Fri & 1000 Sun.

RETURN TO TRAINING – 1915 gym open – those that wish to attend to discuss/find out details do not need to wear a Gi etc but please wear a face mask. Priority for training will be given to those that have already contacted me should the mat reach capacity. Queue outside sensibly spaced preferably wearing a mask with hands clean etc. Weather permitting i will probably come outside to explain a few things before we enter the building and to assess numbers.

  1. We need to keep bags/belongings to a minimum, please wear your training clothes ready and only bring the bare minimum, perhaps in a smaller bag than usual.
  2. Please keep all equipment near the mat, there should be space around the edge.
  3. Some members will be able to train in their existing family bubbles and roll.
  4. The mat will be divided into sections for each bubble or individual as required.
  5. There are specific rules for the use of toilets and no use of the kitchen area.
  6. There will be constant changes to these above points so please check before training.

1st Sept – Our FIRST TRAINING SESSION BACK – I intend to gather as many people as possible (space permitting) on Tues 1st Sept to quickly establish a training regime to suit the current situation. The gym will be open from 715pm, I propose approx 15min to explain what is possible and then try to enjoy ourselves with some training. Training will be limited to suit capacity and I will discuss training days/times available as they will be slightly different from the ones on the website pre covid. It is therefore essential to contact me prior to coming to classes unless you have already been given the correct information and know what protocol to follow etc.

From the draw in April,  to thank the support given to the club by direct debit paying members – the winners of free private sessions are:

Donna Green 1hr – Chris Hallwood 1hr – Andy Timbrell 1/2hr – Alex Baker 1/2hr – Something to look forwards to when training permits guys! 


There looks to be some movement toward conventional gyms opening from the 24th July but contact sports are still excluded! The latest advice from the UKBJJA is here.

Ultimate BJJ is currently exploring ideas on how to offer some form of training back in the gym when possible It is likely to be in stages until we can train as normal. Privates (not just BJJ on offer remember) , one to ones and small groups (bubbles or family groups) are likely to be opened up first and in some context are already possible following guidelines. Feel free to contact me to discuss interest in these so we can kick things off as soon as restrictions free up at each stage.

I am considering running an MMA session as this may interest some people (let me know) and is possible to do this kind of training before full BJJ can resume.

Thanks to all the amazing support from Jason Scully and the BJJ Relief Fund! I hope those of you now using his Grapplers Guide are enjoying it!

Lastly check out the link for joining our club on the UKBJJ Support Network – more details on the page for pandemic training ideas here.

Older news

3rd April BJJ Relief Fund

The world is shaken enough with the reality of what is unravelling – for those of you that dont know of Jason Scully (I have referenced his stuff myself many times when teaching you) he is trying to help the BJJ fraternity as much as he can! Check him out, feel inspired, feel the support BJJ clubs all over the world can give each other..we need to be here after the dust settles! And yes, our club is registered with them if you decide to sign up!

Grapplers Guide is doing everything we can to help BJJ and Grappling academies survive during the craziness and affects of the Coronavirus lockdowns. If you could please watch this video and also share it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for being a part of such a great community.  ~ Jason Scully (The Grapplers Guide)

24th March latest update Direct Debits

My intention is to drop everyones subscription to a once a week plan for April (or those already on it stay as they are). But during April, from all people paying, i plan to draw two students at random to bank a 30min private and one student to get a 1hr private to use when we resume. I believe training will be interrupted for some months – therefore from May onwards, any months subscripton paid before we resume training will be matched with half price subscriptions when we start again – so which ever plan you decide to take up would be as follows stay at once/week =£14 pcm, go back up to unlimited/week =£25 pcm for the biggest saving overall.

This option is also available to students that were not already on direct debit. If you wish to join up at any point to support the club then benefit from the half price subscriptions once training resumes please contact me.

Everyone that is happy to take up the above offer will continue at £28 pcm unless they express a wish to pause the direct debit. I hope you understand my suggestion as i have tried to come up with a balance to incentivise and also support the club. This is by no means a compulsory offer, everyone is in different positions so if you need to arrange something else or want to stop the direct debits please contact me asap. It will make the admin far easier if it is actioned from my end. There will be no bad feeling to anyone that needs to terminate their subscription and you would be able to join back up at the normal club prices available at that time. 

As some students have expressed a wish to continue unlimited/week subscriptions it is only fair to show my gratitude for that generousity supporting the club.  For April anyone staying at the unlimited/week out of choice will be entered into an additional draw of this limited pool of students to win a 1hr private session when we resume. Please advise if you wish to be part of this draw also. Thats an opportunity to win two one hr privates if you fancy your chances!

Watch this space because I am constantly thinking of ideas. Depending on numbers maintaning subscriptions and the duration of this surreal event we find ourselves in! All the above is intended to apply for a reasonable time to try and get past this virus/lockdown but if we find ourselves in a position that requires a rethink due to a much longer impact it will need modification. Please stay safe, Graham

Older news

My priority is to do everything in my power to ensure Ultimate BJJ still exists for all my dedicated students to be able to return to when the time is right. However this will only be possible with the support of the members.

Remember you are the people that new students see, you make the club, it is nothing with just mats and an instructor. My students welcome and nuture new people. It is this environment that ecourages the club to retain members and grow to what you are all familiar with now.

You are as important to the club as it is to you. There will be some difficult moral decisions to make in the near future but we will support each other and get through this, i feel it may take longer than people had originally considered.

DIRECT DEBIT UPDATE Soooo 23rd March some pretty drastic news from the PM! For the students paying by direct debit I have been mulling over ideas but the situation has been evolving faster than I can implement anything. I had arranged the use of a private gym that has very low footfall and is deep cleaned twice a day for those of you that wanted to attend an open mat session once a week or use the other gym facilities/punchbags.

However, now the situation has unfolded and become ‘lockdown’, I have come up with some proposals. I will message each person to explain my ideas. For those of you that have already offered your support by continuing your subscriptions, Ultimate BJJ is very grateful. It still has financial obligations during this event and your support will help towards keeping it going until we can train again. Osss