About Instructor

Graham started training in martial arts in 1990 at Reading University.

Addicted to Thai Boxing & Thai-kick-jitsu he was soon competing & instructing under Kru Frank Bowen of the Shaolin Tigers. After teaching locally in Fleming Park Leisure Centre for a number of years he also started Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s art) incorporating Eskrima (Pilipino stick/knife style – Master Danny Guba) in 1994.

In 1997 he won the British Full contact Eskrima championship finally moving away from the Thai boxing in 1997 to concentrate on JKD & competition. He holds a black belt in thai-kick-jitsu, combined thai boxing and traditional jiu jitsu.

After many years achieving high grades & enjoying the diverse range of JKD which incorporated some BJJ Graham was eager to


put his knowledge to the test. In 2003  he competed in his first Professional MMA (CageWarriors3) bout in the ‘octagon’ at IKON/DIVA (now OCEANA) nightclub in Southampton, followed by another in 2004 at Portsmouth Guildhall (CageWarriors4).

Deciding that being predominantly a striker there was a need to study a grappling style in more depth he had started training under Alex de Souza. In 2006 he won the BAMMA lightweight title belt after being a strong contender for several years, competing regularly in MMA until 2008.

Now a well know person in the arts, with many years of experience, multiple black belts & successful competition results Professor Graham Day teaches BJJ and MMA to pass on this knowledge to new students.

He has sparred with Jose Aldo (UFC World Champion), Tom ‘Kong’ Watson (UFC), rolled with many BJJ World Champions like Gabriel Moraes, Xande Ribeiro,  Vitor Ribeiro, Victor Estima  met Tito Ortiz (UFC) and trained with many other top names over the years like Rik Faye (JKD), Eric Polson (MMA), Gokor Chivichyan (Ledgend), Braulio Estima (BJJ) to name a few.


IBJJF Grading Lineage
Master Vitor ‘shaolin’ Ribeiro Nova Uniao – Black belt 5th Dan
Professor Alex DeSouza – Black belt 4TH Dan
DeSouza Dojo
Professor Graham Day – 1st degree Black belt
IBJJF Black Belt Register
UKBJJA Ranking
UK Belt Register Graham Day