About Instructor

Graham started training in martial arts in 1990 at Reading University.

Addicted to Thai Boxing & Thai-kick-jitsu he was soon competing & instructing under Kru Frank Bowen of the Shaolin Tigers. After teaching locally in Fleming Park Leisure Centre for a number of years he also started Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s art) incorporating Eskrima (Pilipino stick/knife style – Master Danny Guba) in 1994.

In 1997 he won the British Full contact Eskrima championship finally moving away from the Thai boxing in 1997 to concentrate on JKD & competition.

After many years enjoying the diverse range of JKD which incorporated some BJJ Graham was eager to


put his knowledge to the test & in 2003 competed in his first Professional MMA (CageWarriors3) bout in the ‘octagon’ at IKON/DIVA nightclub in Southampton, followed by another in 2004 at Portsmouth Guildhall (CageWarriors4).

Deciding that being predominantly a striker there was a need to study a grappling style in more depth he started training under Alex de Souza.

In 2006 he won the BAMMA lightweight title belt after being a strong contender for several years, competing regularly in MMA until 2008.

Now a well know person in the arts, with many years of experience & successful competition results Professor Graham Day teaches BJJ and MMA to pass on this knowledge to new students.


IBJJF Grading Lineage
Master Vitor ‘shaolin’ Ribeiro Nova Uniao – Black belt 5th Dan
Professor Alex DeSouza – Black belt 3rd Dan
DeSouza Dojo
Professor Graham Day – Black belt
IBJJF Black Belt Register
UKBJJA Ranking
UK Belt Register Graham Day